Monday, 1 September 2014

A bunch of flowers just for you...

Hi Crafters,

Some times in our lives we have to grovel a little.......
A few weeks ago I missed a friends birthday.... I hadn't forgotten I just hadn't made the card in time. so I made the card I'm sharing  with you.... I have removed her name from the photo of the card in photo shop before posting but you will get the idea anyway.

The greeting is computer generated, printed onto the card before I create the rest of the card.
For the flowers I punched some circles of various size and colours, cut them into spirals and then quilled them.  

I think this could be used for any occasion . 

Now I would also like to share with you where the inspiration came for this card. I surf the internet a lot looking at all sorts of wonderful things .
Well it was on one of those  surfing marathons I came across this image, I liked it and saved it to a file on my computer marked inspiration. Now I can't remember where I found it cos it was a good while ago. I knew it would come in handy one day....What I should of done was book mark the page but the problem I have with that is ... I end up deleting them cos I get sooooo many....with a saved pic I can just scroll through them.

Oh well if the owner of the pic see's this let me know and I will credit it . Thank you whoever you are for the inspiration for my card.   :-)

Thank you for stopping by hope you like the card.