Monday, 5 May 2014

The Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Hi Crafter's

No card today.

 I hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday.  Mine was a bit tireing.
I said I would go out on a bike ride with my husband, who loves going out on his push bike, me however prefer a good walk. We went with my friend and her partner who is another keen cyclist . It's my own fault I did volunteer.... Oh well, that will teach me.

We cycled to the Attemborough Nature Reserve which is 17 and a half miles from where we live in Smalley, along the Nutbrook trail.
There are some lovely views along the way, well worth  the ride.
My friend and I went along at our own pace and let the men race along at theirs. Every now and then they would stop and wait for us, we would catch up and they would set off again.

We arrived at the reserve and I was surprised at my self, for someone that hasn't been on a bike since summer last year I felt ok ...... I can tell you the 17 and a half miles there where's the 17 and a half miles back that where difficult.

If you have ever been on a bike for a lengthy bike ride, you will be familiar with the pain you get, when you sit back on a bike saddle..... That was most uncomfortable.... After a while the pain does subside......
By the time I got back home I was cream crackerd......We had cycled 35 miles..... My poor little legs didn't even want to carry me upstairs to get a bath....... Anyway they did......just......I think I am going to ache a bit tomorrow.

I did enjoy myself really and the reserve is well worth a visit.

Well that's all from me for now.
I better go and rest my weary bones. Thank you for stopping by . See you again soon.

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