Sunday, 22 September 2013

Jeans Card

Hi Crafters,

This card has been a bit of a departure for me...........

You know that craft foam you have lurking at the back of the cupboard or at the bottom of the know the stuff.. Funky Foam...... yes that....
Well you can make stamps with it ......We know that!!!! I hear you cry.....

Yes I know we have all cut shapes with it and used the shapes as stamps.

The other week I re-discovered the magic foam / moldable foam ( it's not new ). You heat it up and press it into a texture and use the textured foam as a stamp, heat it up again and it returns to normal ready to heat up and create a new stamp.
Great..... means you can turn your embossing folders into stamps or any other interesting textures you may find.

Right ... I had seen a card that had been made with a denim stamp made with magic foam and some jeans for the texture. It looked brill... and I so wanted to give it a try....

I didn't have any magic foam though, and couldn't wait to have a go . What I did have was some craft foam and wondered if it would work. A little test on something simple  was a success .....wahoo.... It works just the same. However when I tried it on some denim my attempts weren't very successful...... not enough texture.

I was heating up the foam, working quickly, placing it on top of the denim with a large block on top and then pressing for all I was worth. I was getting some texture but when I tested it I wasn't getting a clear enough print.
A few experiments later I got the perfect print.
What I did was....
You need a pair of textured jeans ( my sons work jeans were good ) 
 Place the jeans on the floor , sandwich the foam between the two legs of the jeans , now iron them with a hot iron for about 30 seconds. Place your block on top of the jeans and foam sandwich, stand on the block so  all your weight is on the foam. 30 seconds or so should be enough time to press your stamp, if in doubt give it a bit longer.  It did take me a couple of attempts before I got my stamp. but this way the first go's were more encouraging.
Perfect........Here is the card I made with my final denim stamp.

I inked the stamp up with Memento ''Paris Dusk'' stamped on white card, drew in the stitches with a distress ink marker ''Rusty Hinge''. the rest of the details were added with a cotton bud dipped in the  ''Paris Dusk''.

I hope you give it a go and find some interesting textures to make your stamps with.

Thats all for this post

Regards Sue.

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Lynn said...

What a great idea - great card . I am sure I have some of that foam in a drawer somewhere !! thank you for sharing.