Monday, 9 July 2012

A common buzzard Near home

Hi Every one,

This afternoon while walking Dan in the fields near us, my brother saw a Buzzard flying just above the trees. We walked a bit further and saw it just sitting on a fence post. We watched it for a long while,  and all the time I was wishing I had my camera with me.

Any way we decided to go home and get the camera, leaving the dog at home and go back, hoping the buzzard would still be sitting on the post. It was a long shot. to my great  surprise he or she was still there on the same post.  I got some photo's but was too far away to get a really good pic.

I know it's a grainy photo but it's the closest  I have seen one. I  saw plenty flying over the fields  high in the clear blue skies last year.

When my Hubby came home from work. I was telling him what we had seen. After tea we took Dan out for his walk we went to the same field and our buzzard was still there on a diffarent post in the same field I couldn't believe it. We watch for a while from a distance. All in all it was a great afternoon and evening.

I know this is not very exciting for some people. But I was quite fasinated and surprised when I realised I had been whatching it for well over an hour.

That's all for this excited rambling. Thank you for visiting my little blog and I'll see you again soon.

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