Sunday, 6 May 2012


Hi Crafter's

This post tonight is a little tutorial for  Cascade cards. I had a request for this  a couple of days ago from Peta.
Here is a link to the post that shows the cards I made last year

So here go's

You can make this card  with any size card but for this I am using 12" x 12" double sided card.

You will need two sheets of card . This will make two cards. When using pattend papers, be aware  of one way patten's.
I have marked the card at 4" on side edges of each sheet making sure one is mirror image of the other. See the pic above
Draw a line between the two marks and cut along the lines.

Click on pic's to get a closer look.

Score at 4 inches and at 8 inches on each sheet.
Mark and cut at 2" , 6" and 10" down to the measurements shown on the diagram above.

Fold along the score lines as shown in pic below
Now slot the two sheets together.
When folded the way I have show in the pic above you get this when slotted together

If you want the other side to show at the front..... just fold the opposite way

Slot together to get this.....
Now all you have to do is decorate.......... Have Fun :)

Ok I hope you have fun with this and I hope you understand my instructions.

I have also included a diagram for the double cascade card with just one fold in it.

Click on pic to get a closer look
The method of construction is the same as above but with fewer cuts and folds.

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Thanks a lot for the tutorial