Sunday, 20 May 2012

Next Inspiration

Hi Crafter's

I know this is going to sound strange but I was in Next the other week looking for some new jeans and a nice top. Then I saw  THIS TOP  and thought that would make a great card. So I got out my note book and jotted down my inspiration.

Here is my card
I punched the flowers from vellum I then arranged and glued them onto strips also cut from the vellum. I stamped them up with versa mark and dusted over mica powder. Then arranged onto my card and finished of with ribbon and a tailored bow.
I was quite chuffed with the result.

Here is a close up of a section of the card. Click on the photo for a closer look.
 Well that's all for this post. Thank you for stopping by I hope you like my card and the inspiration behind it.
See you again soon.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Daisy ring

Hi Crafter's

A second post for me to day and I want to get this done before I go to bed. Every one else in my  house has gone up but I'm still tapping away on my keyboard.... how sad am I...

Well I had better get on before my eyes give up and go to sleep without me.

I made part this card yesterday and didn't know what to do with it. I had tried a few things but they hadn't looked quite right so I put it to one side so I could come back to it later if a better idea came to me. Meanwhile  I went over to the  Less is More  blog to see what the challenge for this week was.

This week is a colour challenge and the colour is.....  YELLOW

I looked at my card again and I knew what I was going to do.... Wa hoooo I can finish it now.

Here is my card....
This was created with one of those plastic stencils that can be used as a mask and sprayed with spritzers or you can sponge through them. In this case I used embossing paste. I had to mask off the areas inside and outside the stencil so that I didn't get it where I didn't want it.

Before the paste dried I sprinkled it with glamour dust and left  to dry while I struggled with what to do next.
After visiting the Less is More web site and finding out what the challenge was I coloured the centres of the daisies with a yellow permanent marker, finishing off with a yellow bow and a sentiment.

Thank you Chrissie and Mandi you helped me finish off my card. :) Hope you like it.

Well I'm off to bed now I have just looked at the clock .... It's 12.30am.... and my eyes are now starting to feel very heavy.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting my little blog.  I will see you again soon with another card.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Hi Crafter's

This post tonight is a little tutorial for  Cascade cards. I had a request for this  a couple of days ago from Peta.
Here is a link to the post that shows the cards I made last year

So here go's

You can make this card  with any size card but for this I am using 12" x 12" double sided card.

You will need two sheets of card . This will make two cards. When using pattend papers, be aware  of one way patten's.
I have marked the card at 4" on side edges of each sheet making sure one is mirror image of the other. See the pic above
Draw a line between the two marks and cut along the lines.

Click on pic's to get a closer look.

Score at 4 inches and at 8 inches on each sheet.
Mark and cut at 2" , 6" and 10" down to the measurements shown on the diagram above.

Fold along the score lines as shown in pic below
Now slot the two sheets together.
When folded the way I have show in the pic above you get this when slotted together

If you want the other side to show at the front..... just fold the opposite way

Slot together to get this.....
Now all you have to do is decorate.......... Have Fun :)

Ok I hope you have fun with this and I hope you understand my instructions.

I have also included a diagram for the double cascade card with just one fold in it.

Click on pic to get a closer look
The method of construction is the same as above but with fewer cuts and folds.