Saturday, 24 March 2012

Paper Folding

Hi Crafter's

In the class this morning we made two cards with paper folded embellishments. ( well almost two cards we didn't get time to quite finish the second card)

The first was  paper folded Hearts. This card is an adaptation of a card a friend had made.

I searched the internet for instructions on how to fold the hearts and I found this You Tube tutorial
It is easy to follow.  To make these two hearts for my card,  I cut the paper to 7cm X 14cm for the large heart and 6cm X 12cm for the smaller one.
The Ladies didn't think they would remember all folds so I said I would put up the link to the tutorial I had found.

The second card has a folded paper bow
For me I think this is my favorite and I found this You Tube Tutorial to show you how, again it is easy to follow.
To make this bow I used a piece of square paper 15cm X 15cm.  After mounting the bow I put my sentiment on the bow.

Well that's all for this post. Thank you for stopping by and I will see you again soon with another creation.

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