Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Door Tutorial

Hi Crafter's

I don't know what the weather has been like where you are but it has been pretty foggy here all day. As a result the poor dog didn't get his 6 mile walk today. I did take him for a run in the fields. You couldn't see from one side of the field to the other so at times I couldn't see Dan.

Oh well on a brighter note I have a little tutorial for you. I have had a couple of requests for me to show how the door card was done.
The original post is here
You will need 2 sheets of A4 card 1 for cutting and 1 for your card blank.

A piece of mirri card for the letter box and door knob.

I'm using a Fiskars paper trimmer to cut and emboss all the pieces of this card.

1) From 1 sheet of A4 card cut your panels for the door.

2 pieces @ 4cm X 6cm
2 pieces @ 4cm X 9cm
2 pieces @ 4.5cm X 6.5cm
2 pieces @ 4.5cm X 9.5cm

2) With the right side down on the board, Emboss a 0.5cm border around the 4cm X 6cm and 4cm X 6cm pieces.
3) Now turn the pieces over with right side up. Make a bevelled edge by putting the edge of the card piece over the channel  of the cutter and emboss the edge of the card on all four sides.

 In the above pic hopefully you can the 2 pieces that have been embossed

4) On the 4.5cm X 6.5cm and 4.5 X 9.5cm pieces, emboss the bevelled edge only on all 4 sides of each piece.
In the pic above hopefully you can see the bevelled edge pieces on the left hand side of the picture.

5) Now the pieces need to be glued together
Add spots of craft glue to the back of 4cm X 6cm and 4cm X 9cm pieces
and glue them to the 4.5cm X 6.5cm and the 4.5cm X 9.5cm pieces.

In this next  view you can see 2 complete panels. When you have 4 panels glue them to the front of your card blank.
6) Sore and fold the remaining A4 sheet of card in half to make an A5 card.
Arrange the panels on the front of your card blank

Leave a 1cm gap between the top 2 panels and a 1cm gap between the bottom 2 panels.

and leave a 2cm gap between the top 2 panels and the bottom 2 where the letter box sits.

For the letter box cut a piece of mirri card 1cm  X  2.5cm and stick in place with sticky pads.

Punch a 1cm circle and emboss with a large embossing tool to shape in to a door knob and stick in place with sticky pads.

I hope you understand the instructions if any thing is unclear let me know. Enjoy. Let me know how you get on.

Thank you for visiting. I will see you again soon.


Unknown said...

Wowzer this is one fantastic card, love it and thank you for the tutorial xxx

Anonymous said...

Great card and tutorial - my attempt isn't as professional looking as yours but I'm pretty pleased with my first effort.

Anonymous said...

Your doors are very cute - what a wonderful idea for a card! I've got this linked to my holiday cards post too today, for inspiration!

Jen said...

OMG, why did I not find this before christmas lol.
jenjoy x

Sue said...

Hi Jenjoy,
You could always get a head start on next years round of card making.... LOL....

AndreaH said...

Lovely card. I've just found you through pinterest and I'm now following you. Your inspiration and tutorials are spot on for me. As a very new newbie you make it look easy for me. I'm off to try and make this card now lol.

Gail Jacobson said...

Great idea using the entire card for the door, and easy-to-follow tutorial! I tried it and found that parts of snowflake dies make very realistic and decorative backing plates for the door knob.