Sunday, 31 July 2011

Making Envelopes

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What a beautiful day it has been today. The sun is shining here on little old Heanor.

 Well I don't have a card for you but I do have a little tutorial.
From time to time we need to make an envelope for a card that dose not fit a regular sized, ready made envelope.  Unless you are good at guessing what size paper you need to make the envelope it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair and a waste of paper if you get it wrong. So I have come up with a formula to work out the size of paper needed for the card.

 So here goes..........
This tut is for a square card

1) Cut a piece of scrap paper or card to the size of the card you need to make the envelope for.

2) Draw lines from corner to corner as shown in the above diagram.

3) Measure the distance between point "A" and point "B" add 1cm then times by 2, this figure will then give you the size of the paper square that needs to be cut for your envelope.

So for instance if your card is 12cm square the measurement between point "A" and point "B" would be 8.5cm + 1cm = 9.5cm x 2 = 19cm.
This formula works for any size square.

To make the envelope for the size shown above cut the paper 19cm square.

Place card on your paper as shown in diagram above.
Score paper about 3mm from the card on all four sides as shown in blue.
Then fold your envelope on the score lines.

I hope you understand this tut and is of use to you.
I will in my next post show how to work out an envelope for a rectangle card.

Thank you for visiting and I will see you again very soon.


Alanna said...

Oh thank you!!!! This is going to definitely help me broaden my horizons in card making. I tend to stick to "regular" size cards because I don't want to have to worry about the envelope.

Can't wait for the rectangle tute... thanks!!

itsamistry said...

Great tutorial thanks for sharing:)

itsamistry said...

Great tutorial thanks for sharing