Sunday, 31 October 2010

Festive Flourishes Wreaths... How To

Hi Crafters,

In my last post I said I would show you how I stamped the wreaths for two of the cards in the Timeless Classics post.
I must apologise for some dodgy photography, the images are a bit blurd.

Click on the picks to see a larger image.

First draw a faint pencil circle on the front of your card. Decide which part of the image you want to touch the circle. I have circled the parts of the stamp I chose for my wreath, see fig 1 and 2. Then with the chosen stamp, stamp onto the pencil mark.

Next you need to decide where to stamp next, this is the point that you will use each time. See fig 3 to see where I use for this card.

With each repeat stamping it will get more difficult to see your stamp positions but you will if you concentrate.  See figs 3  to see the second repeat and and fig 4 where the third repeat will be stamped .

Keep repeating the stamp around the pencil mark until the wreath looks complete. Now it is done, decorate as you wish.

I hope this all makes sense, and you give it a go.

Thanks for visiting my little crafting sanctuary. See you again soon.


Vicky said...

Hi Sue,

this is unrelated to Christmas cards, but have you seen a die either for Cuttlebug or any other machine for an anchor (like a boat anchor)? I've been searching and can't find anything!


Sue said...

Hi Vicky,

Sorry I haven't but maybe someone else has.

Classy Stampin' said...

Gorgeous cards Sue - may have to CASE!!!


Elaine said...

Love the flourish wreath. I am looking forward to seeing you use your old Sizzix machine as a press. I had though about doing so, but never worked out the details.

beadee said...

really lovely - thanks