Saturday, 4 September 2010

Emboss a border with a Fiskars Trimmer....

Hi Crafters,

I have been asked how I emboss the border around the cards and what with, in the post "Ribbon ribbon ribbon". So I have done this little tutorial to show you.

You don't have to have anything special, anything that embosses straight lines will do.

First I am  going to show you how on a Fiskars 30cm paper trimmer. In my opinion a useful tool to have in your craft kit. Not only can you cut card or paper with it, you can score with it too.

Right here we go.
This is how the card will look.

First of all mark on the inside of the card with a pencil 1cm in from the edge on all 4 sides of you card, as shown in the pic's above. Mark lightly because you will want to be able to rub it out after.

 Line up the marks you have made with the groove in the trimmer and using an embossing tool or bone folder, emboss a line between your marks.

Turn the card and emboss the next side.

 Turn the card again and emboss the third side.

Now emboss the 4th side, the side near the fold. again as in the other three sides line up the marks with the cutting groove.

If your lines don't meet up just go back and join them up.

Here is the card again finished.

I hope you find it useful. This is just one little basic thing you can do, you can also emboss a pattern using strait lines if you wish.

Next time I will be showing the same tutorial using the Hougie Board. 
See you soon.


Denise G said...

thanks for sharing. That was great. I will have to give it a try.

Monica said...

You are such a clever lady to share so much.. love yout tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing. The poppy flower is awesome as well. came across your blog while I was visiting Charity Crafter.

xxx Monica