Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Frosty The Snowman Background Tutorial.

Hi Crafters,
As promised in yesterdays post. Here is a little picture tutorial to show you how I did the embossed background to this card.
For this you will need the Cuttlebug Lace Tree embossing folder.
Click on the photo's for a closer look.

This is how the background will look when finished ready to put on card.

1)  I have cut a piece of card 11.5cm X 11.5cm.
Place the card into the Lace Tree folder as shown in the picture. Aline the holly leaves to the edge of the card with the curly swirly part of the tree towards the center of the card.

2)  Place between B plates.
The corners of the card will jut out a bit but don't worry about that.

3) Wind the sandwich through  until the corners of the card touch the side of your die cutter and stop. Then wind it back out towards you again. ( I am using a Bigshot but you can do this with a Cuttlebug as well)

4) So this is what it should look like. Now all you have to do is the same on the other three corners. You will find as you emboss the other corners the pattern overlaps a bit  , this is ok.

5) Here it is again  finished ready to put on the card.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tutorial, your beautiful Christmas cards have inspired me to make some Christmas craft supplies. :)

ginny c said...

wow what a good idea i will have a go at this your tutorials are great