Monday, 1 February 2010

Punched flower shapes

Hi crafters,
Phew!! .... It's been a busy couple of weeks. I have hardly had time to turn around. Things have settled down a bit so have some time to update the blog.

For a closer look click on photo.

For the last couple of Saturdays I have run a workshop on making the flowers with water colour paper and punched flower shapes.
Here are a couple of examples of the cards I made, to show the girls what the finished flowers look like. The flowers you see on my blog page are also made using the same technique.
These flowers are so easy to make and look so beautiful, it is a joy to make them.

I wish now I had taken photos of  what the girls had made in the workshops, because they all turned out fantastic, and we all had a lovely day. So a big thank you to all the ladies for joining the workshop and making it an enjoyable one.


Fay McKenzie said...

I have spent some time tonight (Sat) looking at your blog. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful work.
You have inspired me...!!!

Thank you for letting us into your world.

Fay McKenzie, Perth, Ontario, Canada

Peg said...

Love these flowers, is there a tutorial on making them? Great blog, just found it today. Thanks.

Sue said...

Hi Peg,
Thank you for kind comment. I will be soon posting a tutorial for making these flowers so watch this space.

Thanks Sue