Monday, 8 February 2010

Inspiration From A Chest of drawers

Hi crafters,
Isn't it funny where inspiration for our cards / crafts comes from. The other night just as I was getting into bed , I looked at the chest of drawers in the bedroom. I had a sudden flash of inspiration, so I lept from the bed, dashed into my craft room ( my DH must of thought I had gone potty) and did a couple card sketches of my idea before I could forget what it was. Then calmly went and got back into bed about 10 minuets later.

And here it is the final sketch, first one I drew wasn't quite right. So made a small change.I even knew what papers I wanted to use for the card when I make it.

  Here is the card just as I first imagined it would look.

It is very rare for me to make a card exactly how imagine it to look. Normally I get an idea, start to work on it and then end up with something very different.

And here is the card made again this time with different colours. On this I have added a crocheted flower with a quilled centre and a jewel brad.

Hope you like them. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Or why not tell me of your flashes of inspiration. I would love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Stunning cards, very luxurious and elegant too. Love the papers, so decorative and very pretty too.

That source of insipration is amazing Susan, funny where you get your inspiration from. You have made a brilliant job and these are cards that I would buy for a good price

Natalie x

Tip Top said...

Love the anniversary one and great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

All your cards are really lovely you are very talented indeed.

Keep letting us see them

Andrea Xxx