Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My First ever Inspiration award

I am so exited I have been just given my first ever award. I am chuffed to bits to be chosen for this.

I have been awarded the Inspiration award by http://ticketyboojewellery.blogspot.com Thank you so much Becky.

Now apparently the rules for this award are as follows;
1) link back to the person who gave it to you;
2) put the picture award on your blog;
3) you can nominate anyone and as many as you choose;
4) leave a fact that no one knows about you;
5) leave a comment on the blog that gave you this award

The fact that no one knows about me.... This is a hard one....mmmmm..Gosh..... I am going to have to pass on this one for now, cos my mind had gone blank, but I will think about it and update later. I think I must be all over come... LOL

Well I have thought about this and it has been a really difficult one to answer. I have always been scared of making myself look stupid, when meeting new people. I know I run a shop and, have worked in shops for years, so I suppose I have learnt to hide it. When I was a lot younger It was quite a problem for me.

Well I had better get back to doing some work. I have a couple of classes to prepare for tomorrow.

Happy Crafting
Regards Sue X X

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