Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Card using Peel Off Waste.

Hi and Good Morning Crafters,

Yesterday afternoon I had two lovely ladies, who are on holiday in the area, visit my shop. They saw a sample card and were asking what was used to make it, I explained part of the design of the card was peel off waste.
They were a bit intrigued so I gave a little demo.

Here is the card I made from the demo piece. I promised I would put the card up on the blog so they could see it. I hope you like it ladies. Let me know what you think.

Click on photo to get a closer look.

Happy Crafting

Regards Sue X X


Unknown said...

That's really clever Sue, a very elegant card

Jan x

Unknown said...

Thats cool! Very clever idea. I'd send that into one of the mags! You never know, you might get some goodies!

Lou x

Cazzy said...

Lovely card, you have done it so well.

A Soul's Heartbeat said...

I'm not sure what you're meaning by 'peel off waste', is it the part of the sticker that remains after you take it off? Love the outcome though! In fact love your blog!

Sue said...

Hi Patti,
Thanks for the nice comments about card and blog. Yes after you have taken off and used your Peel off you are left with all the bits in between, and it is that I have used.